Staff Profile as per Annexure I of NCTE


Faculty Selected and appointed for additional B.Ed. Course. Faculty will be joining their Duties on getting grant of recognition from NCTE.

S.NO. NAME & Designation Date Of Birth Genral Qualification & Division/  Percentage       (%) Other Qualification & Division/Percentage (%) Year of experience in a recognized secondary/ Senior Secondary School Teaching Exper. In a Elementry Secondary Teacher Education Institution   From----To Mode of Appoinment (full time on regular basis/part time basis date of selection committee meeting Address/ Phone No
  Dr. Varsha Nalme         Principal 13/10/1971 M.Sc (Zool)  1st  B.Ed, M.ED.1st, (NET), Ph.D, (Edu), L.L.B  4 Year School Education 8 Year                          2001- Continue Continue 22/3 Mohd. Bux Road, Nasirabad, Mob- 9929269650
1 Dr. K.M. Goyal             Professor 13/10/1972 M.Sc (Zool)                        B.Ed, M.ED. Ph.D.(Edu)  15 Year 20 Year Continue 827, B.K. Kaul Nagar Nagar, Ajmer
2 Dr. Sharad Raj               Lecturer 13/10/1973 M.A.History,  M.ED.  PHD.(Edu.) 24 Year 03 Year Continue "Rajshree" Row House No.1

Mrs Nisha Singh


13/10/1974 (Chem)  B.Ed, M.Ed, PhD (Reg.) 3 Year 1 Year Continue 83/3  Shirin Cllege Shastri Nagar, Ajmer
4 Mrs.  Preeti Saxena       Lecturer 13/10/1975 M.A. (English) B.Ed, M.Ed.                                     PhD (Reg.)   3 Year New Apontment 56-57,Adharsh Nagar, Ajmer        9413869202                                 
5 Mrs. Radha Rani               Lecturer 13/10/1976 M.A.(Hindi)                     B.Ed, M.ED 14 Years 6 Years New Apontment 458, Hari Bhau Upadhyaya Nagar (Ext)Pushkar Road, Ajmer
6 Mrs. Urmila Sharma                             Lecturer      13/10/1977 M.A (Hindi, History)      B.Ed, M.A. (Education) 2 years 3 Year New Apontment,169 Hari bhau Upadyaya  Nagar, Ajmer
7 Mrs. Ragini Dube                Lecturer 13/10/1978 M.A. (Geography)                B.Ed, M.ED. (Result Avt.) 2 years   New Apontment H.No.-619/10, Gali No-5D, New Govind Nagar, Ramganj, Ajmer
8 Mrs. Mamta Jadon        Lecturer 13/10/1979 M.A ,M.Phil (sans)  B.Ed, M.ED.  7 Years 2 Years Continue 368, nayee basti Ramganj, Ajmer, 9414410038
9 Mrs. Divya mehra          Lecturer 13/10/1980 M.A.   (Economics) B.Ed, M.ED.  6 Years 2 Years New Apontment Rudraksh, Naya Path, 119-E, Panchsheel-C, Vaishali Nagar, Ajmer
10 Mr. Ajay Bareth                 Lecturer 13/10/1981 M.A. (Pub.Admini.) B.Ed, M.ED.      New Apontment H.No.E-373, Shastri Nagar, Ajmer
11 Mr. Prahlad Chhipa                             Lecturer 13/10/1982 M.A. (Geography)                B.Ed, M.Ed 39 Years   New Apontment Plot No-31, Pragati Nagar, Kotra, Ajmer
12 Mrs. Vimlesh Saxena          Lecturer  13/10/1983 M.Com, M.A (His, Eco) B.Ed, M.Ed 40 Years   New Apontment Koti No.-1, Kala Bagh,Ajmer        9828320235
13 Mrs Seema Malodia     Lecturer 13/10/1984 M.A Economics, Pol.Sci., Geo. B.Ed, M.A.(Education) 5 Years   New Apontment B.K.Kaul Nagar, Ajmer
14 Mr. Sudhaker Kumar          Lecturer 13/10/1985 MCA   M.A (Hindi) 2 years 1 Year Continue Kotra, Ajmer
15 Mrs. Tanuja Tiwari                       Instructor 13/10/1986 M.A (Music)     B.ED,  M.A (EDU), SLET-MUSIC  4 Years 4 Years Continue 21, veer lokahsha Colony, Pushkar Road Ajmer, 9460613285
16 Mrs Neha                                   Instructor 13/10/1987 BBA ,  Diploma In Computer,  4 Years 1 Year Continue 5/7 Keshav Marg, Panchsheel Ajmer
17 Mr Chandraveer  Singh Choudhary                               PET 13/10/1988 B.A. B.PED., M.PED,  8 Years 4 Years Continue 92,Paltan Bazar, Ajmer